Grand Cayman has a lot to offer when it comes to destinations & attractions.

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Stingray City

Stingray City Sandbar is the top attraction in Grand Cayman for private charters and home to a fleet of Southern Atlantic Stingrays. The Stingrays congregate in shallow water at the North Sound sandbar. As you enter the clear waters, the graceful Stingrays glide tranquilly past in their natural habitat. Experience the majestic wildlife of Grand Cayman with your own personal guides whilst standing in only four feet of water. Our crew ensure that your interaction with the Stingrays will be an intimate, unforgettable and personal experience. Listen to their vast knowledge and learn about these elegant animals.

Starfish Point

Whether you’re looking to sunbathe on a remote beach, take amazing photos, snorkel, or spend time hunting for starfish, Starfish Point is a perfect location.  While the shallow waters are practical for children, everyone will be satisfied when they look in the crystal clear waters and take a look at the starfish below. Starfish naturally live here and regularly frequent the shallows looking for food. If you want to learn more about these fascinating creatures your crew will be happy to enlighten you.


There are many great snorkelling stops to enjoy in the North Sound of Grand Cayman, so we have a lot to choose from! At every snorkel site you shall see; beautiful coral heads, plenty of colourful fish and the chance of spotting animals such as; Sea Turtles, Eagle Rays and Moray Eels. On one of the sites, there are even the small remains of a shipwreck to explore! Our crew always choose the best site for the conditions on the day but wherever you end up, you can be sure to have a mesmerising experience!

Rum Point

Located on the picturesque North Side of Grand Cayman, the shallow and clear waters of Rum Point Beach make it the ideal beach for swimming and offer some the finest snorkelling in the Caribbean. There is a restaurant and beach bar on site so you can enjoy some lunch and cocktails whilst taking in the beautiful view.

Kaibo Beach Bar & Restaurant

Kaibo is located just around the corner from Starfish point, secluded in its own corner on the Northside of Grand Cayman. You can enjoy world-class food whilst sitting on the beach, toes in the sand, relax and unwind.

Booby Key

Take the trip less travelled in Cayman, a journey through the tranquil and serene Booby Key Mangrove island. Enjoy spotting schools of juvenile fish, colourful starfish and sponges under the mangrove roots. Learn about what makes these trees so special and why they are so important to our Southern Stingray population.

Camana Bay

Take a stroll through this modern outdoor mall with a wide variety of restaurants and shops. Eat tasty gelato at the Italian ice cream bar or peruse through the gorgeous shops for some Cayman style retail therapy and pick yourself up an Island Company T-shirt. Camana Bay is a great place to stop for lunch and a nice walk.

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