Snorkeler on the surface from below

Bio-Bay Tour

Investigate one of Grand Cayman’s natural wonders with our Bio-Bay Tour Package! An incredible, private experience for all ages which you should not miss out on!

The bio-luminescent bay in Grand Cayman is one of just six such bays in the whole world. It is located on the East End of the island just around the corner from Rum Point. Guests travel across the North Sound and into Bio-Bay on our Catamaran where they can swim with the bioluminescence!

Watch the water come to life with dancing lights by taking a mask and snorkel in with you. Or observe the excitement from the boat. Learn about the microscopic animals that create the bio-luminescence, and why the bay is the perfect environment for them to thrive.

Guests can take in the fresh air on the cruise back to dock, and if they are lucky they might spot a shooting star!

Bio-Bay has to be seen to be believed and our crew often rate Bio-Bay as one of the top must-see attractions in Grand Cayman.

Pro Tip: The benefit of visiting Bio-Bay on a Catamaran is being able to swim under the boat, consequently blocking out any light pollution and giving the best viewing conditions for the bio-luminescence.

Our Catamaran, ‘Be Happy’ is docked at the George Town Yacht Club which is where we set off from. Additionally, the boat is equipped with; snorkel equipment, a paddleboard, a washroom, satellite radio and a wash down hose.

Tours typically leave at 7 pm and return at 10 pm.

Cost of Bio-Bay Tour Package: $500 US

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